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Another Mystery Shopping Scam January 5, 2009

Posted by Ann Michaels & Associates in General Mystery Shopping Information.
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Last week we touched on some of the mystery shopping scams out there that compromise the industry’s reputation. I came across another blog post that touched on another type of scam that is worth mentioning.

This blog post discusses emails sent to people with a job offer claiming to need “representatives to conduct surveys and evaluations” and that representatives will be paid “$400 for every duty that is carried out.” A similar posting was noted on Craig’s List not too long ago, with the same general theme, though the pay was less.

This post screams scam for at least two reasons:

1. The grammatical errors and wording of the post certainly raise a red flag. In fact, it sounds similar to the emails in which people from other countries claim you are the last living relative of so and so, and want you to send your bank information so you can receive your inheritance exceeding five million dollars.

2. $400 payment for a mystery shop? Really? This falls under “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Thankfully, anyone that is already a mystery shopper will quickly realize something isn’t right – it’s the unsuspecting people that may have a glimmer of hope that this could be true who may fall victim to this one.

This is just another reminder to all to be careful out there, research things that don’t sound right, and know that legitimate mystery shopping companies do not send unsolicited emails with mystery shopping offers. You do not have to pay to be a mystery shopper for any company – use the list of places in our recent post about where to find mystery shopping jobs and you’ll be headed in the right direction!

Until next time…happy shopping!



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