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Mystery Shopper Training – A Way to Go Green? February 3, 2009

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As a mystery shopper, you typically receive instructions for shops in a word or pdf document. Most times you will need to print them out as a reference, though you may only need a quick refresher if you’ve completed this type of shop before.

Many industries are making initiatives to “go green”, and the mystery shopping industry is no exception. In addition to other benefits to companies, automation of mystery shop reports has helped in this initiative. No longer is it the case where mystery shoppers are required to print out a report form, complete it by hand, and fax it to the mystery shopping company. That in itself saves quite a bit of paper!

Another concept that may be starting to emerge is virtual training methods, such as online training seminars for mystery shops. By participating in a seminar, shoppers can learn about the shop they will be doing without the need to print multiple pages of instructions. If the seminar is recorded, this is even better – it can be used as a reference point at any time.

There are both positive and negative aspects with virtual shop instructions, but it is definitely something companies can consider in an effort to be as “green” as possible. There hasn’t been much discussion on mystery shopping forums, but it would be curious to learn more about how shoppers would perceive this type of training versus the traditional methods now used.

Until next time….happy shopping!



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