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Jobslinger Plus: The Ultimate Tool for Mystery Shoppers July 29, 2009

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I’ve heard of Jobslinger Plus as a new feature added to the Jobslinger website, and spent some time learning about it. As I did, I found that it may be the ultimate way to find jobs as a mystery shopper.

Right off the bat I noticed that subscribing to Jobslinger Plus allows shoppers to update all of their Sassie profiles at once; this has been one downfall of Sassie up until now. If a mystery shopper changed their address or wanted to update their profile in any way, they would have to log in to each Sassie company they work with to make the update. Now, this can be done in one swoop, making it much less time consuming.

What are the other features of Jobslinger Plus?

1. My Targets – this allows you to set up searches based on what is most important to you. Different tabs allow you to set up different search alerts, such as distance, type of shop (fine dining, banking, etc), or even set it to find shops that pay a higher fee.

2. Sling me – this feature will send you a text message to alert you of shops that fall in your targets you set up. Only want to receive texts about high paying shops, or only shops within 2 miles of your home? Sling me can be set up to only send text messages about the shops most important to you.

3. Job Dinger – this system “Dings” your desktop to alert you of new shops available. This way you don’t have to be sitting at your computer waiting for shops to be sent to you – the alert will prompt you immediately.

4. Sass Watch– because you will have access to all of your Sassie accounts in one area, you will be able to view all of the job boards at once. This is particularly helpful because schedulers don’t post all of their open jobs to message boards.

5. Reach out emails – when schedulers are desperate to fill shops, “Reach out” will email shoppers in the area asking for help. This is a great way to get in with a new company! Help out with a hard to book or last minute shop, and you WILL be remembered!

These are just some of the benefits of using Jobslinger Plus. To see a short video presentation, you can click here. It’s amusing, as the Sassie folks have always had a good sense of humor.

Jobslinger Plus is available as a free trial– I would highly recommend trying it out to see if it is something that works for you. If you are just starting out in the industry, this is a good way to learn which companies have work in your area as well. The cost for Jobslinger Plus is relatively inexpensive as well – there are different subscription plans available, and MSPA certified shoppers receive discounts and extended subscriptions.

Until next time….happy shopping!



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