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Mystery Shopping and Five Guys Burgers: A Winning Combination October 29, 2009

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It’s no secret that Five Guys Burgers uses mystery shopping – if you’re expecting to learn which company shops them though, you’re out of luck.

An article was published last July that highlights reasons why Five Guys Burgers is so successful; one component is mystery shopping.  You can read the article here.

What I like most about their concept is that they are using mystery shopping to catch the good, not the bad. That is the key to a successful program. If companies are using it for a “Big Brother” approach, it is doomed to fail. We always guide our clients to use it as a positive tool, and most (if not all) include an incentive or bonus program for high performance.

What is the takeaway for a mystery shopper? Quite simple: remember that your goal during a shop is not to find people doing things wrong, or providing bad service. You serve as an objective, third party source of information. Your job is to simply look at the business based on the company’s standards and culture and report what you find and experience. It’s that simple.

The article highlights the importance of mystery shoppers to be their “eyes and ears in the field.”  It’s nice to see how different companies use mystery shopping, and drives home the point that mystery shoppers play an important role in a company’s success.

Until next time…happy shopping!


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