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iPhone App – Field Agent May 3, 2010

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There is a fairly new iPhone app called Field Agent. With this app, you can be asked to answer one or more questions on behalf of companies, similar to a very watered down mystery shop. For example, you may be asked to visit your local Walmart and snap a picture of the price for a pound of a specific brand’s coffee. Or, you may be asked to review a website to see how easily you can locate a specific section or item.

We found it interesting, and wanted to learn more about how shoppers use this new app, or if any have tried it. It is definitely a new spin on mystery shopping and online feedback surveys, and it will be interesting to watch as it progresses!

If you have used this app, please share your experiences – we are happy to hear your thoughts on this.

Until next time…happy shopping!


1. Candace - May 22, 2010

Do you get paid for mystery shopping using this app?

mysteryshoppinglearningcenter - June 1, 2010

Hi Candace,

You do get paid for work done through Field Agent. We’ve been watching this new app as it is up and coming. It’s not used for traditional mystery shops, but more of the quick in and out types of surveys. There are some that will require you to visit a store to take a picture of a marketing sign, or get a price for a specific product. Others will ask your opinion on a product that is more general in nature.

Since they are just starting out, and currently don’t have a system in place to “ping” jobs as they are posted, you will need to go to the app and look for jobs to do. I’m curious to watch how this app grows over time!

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