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Are You a Shopper That is in High Demand? May 14, 2010

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There are several types of shoppers that will continually be in high demand. If you fall into one of these categories, you may want to check in to sites such as Jobslinger to check the recruitment and open shop postings – you may have an opportunity to increase your workload!

Here are some types of shoppers that are in high demand. Are you one of them?

1. Younger shoppers: the number of compliance shops (both liquor and tobacco) are continually increasing. With that increase comes the need for shoppers typically between the ages of 21-27. These shoppers will be assigned to a grocery store, convenience store, gas station, or similar business to purchase tobacco or liquor products and determine  if identification is requested. These are typically easy shops that pay fairly well.

Liquor compliance checks are also done in restaurants, bars, and other similar venues.

2. Mothers with pre-teens or teens: another type of compliance shop evaluates purchasing certain types of video games. The scenarios vary, but again these are fairly simple shops that you can do with your child.

3. Traveling shoppers: airport shops are very common. They include shopping at food kiosks, restaurants, retail stores, and news & gift stores. Many times these businesses are located behind a security checkpoint, so if you are a shopper who has security clearance, you may want to check to see who recruits for these types of shops.

Also, if you are traveling, it’s a good time to contact mystery shopping companies you work for if they have airport shops and share your travel plans. I know of several shoppers who have been able to make extra money while traveling!

I am also including a page that we keep updated with current cities and towns where we are in need of shoppers for ongoing shops – please feel free to check it out and register with us at this link!

Until next time…happy shopping!



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