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Can You Tell Who is Shopped? June 29, 2010

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After being in this business for the better part of 12 years, I’ve found, like many of you, that you can’t help but pay attention to customer service no matter where you are. Two of my children, who are 12 and 10, also seem to be a product of mystery shopping.

Sometimes you can just walk into a store and know they’re shopped; other times the service you receive is so sub-par that you hope they are shopped soon!

I remember a time last year when I was able to pinpoint when a local business started a mystery shopping program. This was not a client we worked with, but soon after my experience I noticed new mystery shopping postings for this business. It is a business I frequent often, and have always received satisfactory service. About a year ago, though, things changed. Employees were greeting customers as they entered, and I couldn’t stand within 20 feet of an employee without them offering assistance. While this was great (and a bit overboard in the beginning), my first thought was that they just started a mystery shopping program so all of the employees were on their toes. I often wondered if they thought I was the shopper at times, because they were over the top friendly and accommodating.

My girls will sometimes tell me “Mom, if this was a shop, you’d have to report that the employee didn’t say ‘thank you’ and the floor was dirty.” We haven’t done shops in some time, but I guess it stuck with them!

I’ve even found myself counting the number of people in line in front of me, timing the wait in line, and other typical mystery shopping tasks, even though I haven’t been a shopper for many years now!

I’m sure that you feel the same way at times – thinking that a business is shopped based on employee behavior, or wish they were shopped.  This industry definitely makes you more aware of service levels when you’re shopping in real life!

Anyone else feel the same? Share your stories and experiences with the rest of us – we always like to hear them!

Until next time…happy shopping!


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