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Don’t Miss Out: IMSC Mystery Shopper Conference March 29, 2011

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In case you haven’t heard, the Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition (IMSC) is hosting a mystery shopping conference in Orlando May 13-15th. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and network with fellow shoppers and mystery shopping companies!

Some of the conference topics include:

Medical mystery shopping
Hotel Mystery Shopping
Route Shopping
Video Camera Shopping

In addition to these informative sessions, mystery shoppers can listen to presentations surrounding taxes (presented by H&R Block) and get a client’s eye view of a mystery shop.

Registration is open, and you can take advantage of the early bird pricing of $125.00 now through April 14th. To learn more about the IMSC and the upcoming shopper’s conference, please visit their website.

Ann Michaels & Associates will be there – hope to see you there! =)

Until next time…happy shopping!

How do you Use your Cell Phone During Mystery Shops? March 21, 2011

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Technology has helped mystery shoppers become efficient at their work, from automated job boards and online reporting to cell phones. Cell phones have been used for many reasons during shops, whether they served as stop watches to make specific timings, calling home to leave a voice mail with pertinent information, or texting yourself with key information.

Does your cell phone have voice note capabilities? Recording capabilities? If so, this might be quite helpful during shops. Cell phones are so commonplace anymore, and we’re always seeing people holding them while they shop, texting, etc. If you have recording capabilities, why not set it to start as you’re entering a store and letting it record during your shop? When you get home, the entire conversation will be stored for you – your reporting will be more accurate and all of the nuances of the conversation will be captured.

I recently spoke with a shopper who tried this for the first time, and she found it to be amazingly easy when writing the report. In fact, she felt that her report was much stronger and way more detailed than it would be without the recording.

It might take practice, but using a recording system may be something to think about during your next shop, especially when you are required to interact with an employee.
Until next time…happy shopping!

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