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The Bad Apples – Do They Ruin it for Everyone? May 4, 2011

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You’ve all heard the horror stories about shoppers who falsify shops, create multiple personalities on mystery shopping sites to bypass rotations, and do other things that compromise mystery shopping programs.  These “bad apples” do make it hard for all of the other shoppers who do a wonderful job.

This is why some schedulers and editors can come off as cranky or even paranoid. It may seem that we’re always overly questioning in details, but with good reason. Unfortunately, the few bad apples do make it difficult for the rest of the bunch. Do companies base everything on the few bad apples, or no?

It may seem on the surface like MSC’s base their requirements, shop notes, etc on the bad apples, but it’s not necessarily the case.  In all actuality, while those bad apples can (and have) severely impact a company or the industry as a whole, they are helpful in some ways.

Crazy? Maybe, but there is truth to it. Bad apples will give mystery shopping providers pause and look at ways to continually better their processes. If there are any loopholes in a program, they can be closed to be sure clients are receiving the highest quality work. If there are measures to ensure that a shopper truly conducted the shop, those can be put into place for future shops so it is easier to tell if a shop has been falsified or not done correctly.

No doubt that the few bad apples DO make it more difficult for the others out there, and cause many headaches for schedulers and editors alike. But, in some ways, they help companies and the industry as a whole become stronger and make it easier to keep the bad apples out of the equation.

Until next time…happy shopping!



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