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Having Fun With a Scammer May 7, 2011

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If you’re in the Chicago area and read the Sun Times, you may be aware of The Fixer. Each week she helps people who are having trouble getting money back from companies, or other similar situations. I was amused by a recent article that touched on one of the scams that typically plagues the mystery shopping industry.

An offshoot of the infamous Western Union scam, the “Help, I’m stuck overseas and need you to send money” scam was featured. The Fixer decided to have some fun with the scammer and played into the game to see what would happen.

The Fixer writes, “Dear Readers: A warning to all — the “Help, I’m stuck in London!” scam is again making the rounds among Fixer readers. This time, we got a supposed urgent plea from Fixer reader Sue Novotny, whose problem with a fan club membership we fixed last May.

We decided to have some fun with our scammer here at Fixer HQ and pretended, for a while, to go along with it.

As you will see, it quickly became clear that not only was this person not Sue Novotny, he also was unfamiliar with the iconic American TV series “I Love Lucy.”

Read on for our edited e-mail exchange, beginning with our scammer’s original plea using Sue’s real e-mail address..”
You can read the entire exchange in the Fixer’s article on this topic – it’s a good read, as well as a reminder not to fall for these tactics.

Until next time…happy shopping!



1. Integrity Consultants - May 7, 2011

Yep. I know that one. One of our shoppers had her account hacked a year or so ago, and we got a similar email. I posted about it when it happened to alert others in the industry and called the shopper, who I was familiar with. She told me she would alert all of her contacts, and then she reported back that everything was resolved. Again, no one fell for it, but it’s a shame that we all have to be so diligent. Funny article!

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