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What is B2B Mystery Shopping? May 21, 2011

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Traditional mystery shopping involves evaluating the B2C experience – business to consumer. This encompasses the mystery shopping done in restaurants, retail locations, and other similar places of business.

One trend that is becoming more and more popular is B2B mystery shops – or business-to-business.  As more companies see the value of mystery shopping, they are using it more robustly.

Simply put, B2B mystery shopping is very similar to traditional mystery shopping, except that the shoppers are portraying a company who is need of the client’s services. It could be a distributor in which shoppers pose as manufacturer’s who are placing orders, or consultants who are securing products/services on behalf of their clients.

The nice thing with B2B mystery shopping is that it takes it to a new level, and if you have a business or have prior experience as a business owner, you can put these skills to great use. Also, they are typically higher paying shops, which is good for everyone!

To learn more about B2B mystery shopping, you can read this article we published in recent years, and you can also read a case study that was published in Quirks Magazine, which outlines a client who used B2B mystery shopping to learn more about their customer service levels.

Until next time…happy shopping!


1. Dakota Keyser - July 19, 2012

Check out this video of Measure Consumer Perspectives.

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