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Why All Mystery Shoppers Should Attend a Shopper Conference April 2, 2012

Posted by Ann Michaels & Associates in Uncategorized.

Hopefully by now, if you’ve been in the industry for some time, you’ve heard of the Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition (IMSC). They started their initiative in 2009 with the first shopper conference, and have since expanded their conferences to multiple locations throughout the year.

They offer two-day conferences in which shoppers and mystery shopping providers can attend to network and learn. Speakers share insight into various topics related to our industry.

We’ve had the opportunity to attend and sponsor two conferences, and they have been excellent! It’s great to meet shoppers in person, and shoppers definitely enjoy the opportunity to meet each other and companies, and talk about mystery shopping freely with those who “get it.” Because our industry is one we keep close to the vest because we don’t want everyone to know what we do for work, it’s a great opportunity for all.

I enjoy watching shopper’s reactions sometimes to various speakers; to hear mystery shopping horror stories is always enlightening and sheds light on why sometimes schedulers and editors seem a bit, um, cranky. There are also sessions in which shoppers get unique insight, tips they’ve not considered before, or other information to enhance their skills.

In the shoppers we’ve talked to at both conferences, we’ve heard very positive comments all the way around. While there is a cost involved, it is a good investment if you are in the industry.
Is a conference coming to a town near you? Take a look at the IMSC’s website or find them on Facebook for more information. If you have the chance, I highly recommend attending at least one conference!



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