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You’ve Got Questions…. June 19, 2012

Posted by Ann Michaels & Associates in Uncategorized.

And we’re here to help! Do you have a question about mystery shopping, whether you’re a mystery shopper or thinking about becoming one? We’re opening up the blog to answer your questions!

To get you started, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we get – hopefully this will inspire you to ask your own! Don’t be shy….we want to help!

1. How do I get started as a shopper? If you’re new to the industry, you’ll want to make sure you’re finding legitimate companies. I highly recommend visiting the MSPA and Jobslinger – both provide shopper resources to point you to legitimate companies. If you come across a site that is asking for payment, stop right there and close out the window!

2. Help! I did my first shop, and when I got home I realized I went to the wrong location? Now what? This can happen to an experienced shopper as well as a new shopper. Don’t sweat it, but make it right. Contact your scheduler immediately to let them know what happened, and offer to shop the correct location ASAP. Failing to communicate will drop your rating and you won’t have as much chance for shops in the future. We’re all  human – try to make it right as quickly as possible and it should be okay.

3. I’m a new shopper – what’s the best type of shop to start with? It’s nerve wracking in the beginning, so make sure you start out small. Apply for only one or two shops at first so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with the easier (often lower paying) shops that don’t require heavy observations or narrative. Prior to your shop, read all of the documentation to prepare. Start with shops that don’t require a purchase so there is little cash outlay. If you have questions prior to a shop, ask your scheduler – we are here to help.

4. I want to be a scheduler or editor – how do they get hired? If you think mystery shopping is tough, try being a scheduler or editor! These types of positions are usually filled by seasoned shoppers with a strong history with a company. If this is something you’d like to consider in the future, be sure your work is top notch, you help out with last minute shops when you can, and build good relationships with those in the company already. When it comes time to increase their team, you’ll have better chances at getting the job.

Time for you to ask your questions! Let us know what’s on your mind…



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