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Do You Update Your Profile? August 14, 2012

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If you’ve been a shopper for some time, chances are things have changed since you first filled out your profile…maybe you moved, got married, had more children. At any rate, it’s always a good idea to update your profiles with mystery shopping companies when you have significant life changes.

There are many shops where a specific demographic is needed. There have been many times we’ve sent shop invitations to people for a certain demographic, only to hear “Sorry, I can’t do that. I’m not XXX anymore.” On the flip side, you may be missing out on potential shopping opportunities if you haven’t updated your profile in a while.

I know shoppers don’t do this often because they are registered with several companies, and logging in and out of each one takes time. One piece of advice is to review your accounts annual, and focus on the companies you do work with most often. Once those are updated, then you can focus on the other mystery shopping companies.

Another thing you can do, specific to companies using Sassie, is to login and check your profile from time to time to ensure your email settings are correct. There have been times where issues arise with users who have AOL or Hotmail accounts; in the past, users with emails from these systems have been turned off without shoppers being fully aware. Again, I’ve heard from shoppers asking why they don’t get emails from us anymore, and when we look at their account, it appears as though the email functionality has been turned off.

Maintaining accounts is mundane to say the least, but keeping all of your information current will help you get the most mystery shopping opportunities.

Bad Economy = More Mystery Shoppers? August 8, 2012

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The economy stinks, and it’s not getting better any time soon. I recall when the economy first started going south, my phone was ringing off the hook. Instead of potential clients needing our services, I found myself innundated with calls inquiring about mystery shopping, most notably from those in the real estate and construction markets. Others would call who were recently laid off from their retail job and thought making some side money as a mystery shopper might tide them over.


That was a couple of years ago, and the calls have definitely died down. I just came across this article that touches on the very subject, so it made me wonder if those who have been mystery shopping for some time now have seen a decrease in their workload, and if they have, if they think it’s because there’s an increased number of mystery shoppers or clients have to cut back on their mystery shopping programs.

What are your thoughts? In the last two years, has your workload changed? If so, why do you think that is? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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