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Why Dependability Matters November 20, 2012

Posted by Ann Michaels & Associates in Uncategorized.

In the Mystery Shopping world, reputation is everything. You are assigned shops you apply for based on your reputation for being a well written, DEPENDABLE, and pleasant shopper to work with. When choosing between one shopper and another, an Account Manager looks at past performance to best determine future performance. That is all we have and we know that when it comes to being the Mystery Shopping company a client selects, our reputation for delivering on time, quality reports is all we have.

So why does dependability matter?  Why can’t we be more flexible when it comes to when the shops are performed? The answer is that we have committed to our paying client that we will deliver to them quality reports within the time frame that they have requested. To not do so would be to jeopardize our reputation and likewise our relationship with the client. We are providing a service and if we do not provide it as requested, the client will take their business elsewhere.

As Account Managers, it is not only frustrating but costly when a shopper agrees to a shop and then does not perform when they said they would. When that occurs, time must be spent trying to determine if the shop was done, and then if not, we must scramble to try to locate a replacement as soon as possible so that we do not disappoint our client. That is time taken away from editing completed shops, and scheduling future shops, and we all know the phrase – time is money. That is especially true in this business.

It is for this reason that I will avoid a shopper who has flaked (not performed) a shop as agreed in the past. I will not assign shops to shoppers who are known to turn in their reports late without prior approval. I cannot take those kinds of chances or my reputation for being dependable will be at risk. That is a risk most Account Managers and Schedulers are not willing to take.

Please know that we understand when emergencies arise. We all have them. We just ask that you communicate those issues to us as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary changes on our end. It is when I have to send three emails and lose another day in having a shop completed that I determine that the shopper is not one who understands the true value they provide, and as a result, I will choose not to use that shopper again.

So bottom line, if you, as a shopper, agree to complete a shop on a specific day, please honor that commitment. If a true emergency or unavoidable situation occurs, please communicate that issue as soon as possible. Because if you don’t, your reputation may be affected, and when it comes to being a Mystery Shopper, your reputation is your most valuable commodity.



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