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Do You Know How Important You Are? November 29, 2012

Posted by Ann Michaels & Associates in Uncategorized.

If you’re a mystery shopping, you know it ain’t easy sometimes. People who aren’t aware of mystery shopping, or know very little about it, think it’s a “fun” way to shop, eat out, and have fun while making money. It can be fun and rewarding, but “easy” isn’t a way I’d describe it most days.

As a shopper, you have a responsibility to be accurate in your reporting, pay attention to the minor details, and convey your experience in an objective manner. There’s a lot to watch for while you’re on a shop and sometimes the reports can take quite a while, especially when narrative detail is involved.

Some days you may wonder if it’s all worth it….it is! Shoppers are the #1 person in the industry – just like employees on the front line of a business, shoppers are the front lines of our business. We rely on you every day, and companies appreciate your efforts.

I know as a shopper you may wonder if your report makes a difference, or if what you do really impacts a company. It certainly does! Mystery shopping programs have proven a vital tool in measuring employee performance and the customer experience, among other things. Companies who use mystery shopping programs:

* See an increase in sales over time, sometimes upwards of a 10% increase

* Value their employees AND customers; they want to make sure the entire experience is top-notch, and your reports help make that happen

* Take your reports very seriously. They pore over the details and run analytics on the data they collect over time, which helps them gauge the effectiveness of their training procedures, evaluate staff, and gives direction on incentive programs and bonuses.

The next time you’re wondering “Is this worth it?” just remember that you ARE making a difference and doing a great service for employees and customers. Every shop gets a company one step closer to providing an exceptional experience for their customers.



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