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Are You Near Atlanta, Reno, or Vegas? February 23, 2013

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Continual education in the industry can only help a mystery shopper better their skills…the IMSC has developed an ongoing conference program to help shoppers enhance their skills, learn more about the industry, and gain exposure to mystery shopping companies and other shoppers.
The IMSC is hosting three conferences this year to support and further educate those in the mystery shopping industry. Dates and locations have been released!

Atlanta – May 30th through June 1st. Click here for more details

Reno: September 8th through September 10th. Click here for more details

Las Vegas: November 12th through November 14th. Click here for more details

Below are some frequently asked questions from shoppers. I hope this will help you in deciding which event to attend!

1. What is the benefit of attending a conference?

There are many benefits to attending a conference! Whether you’ve been a shopper for a few months or a few years, there is always something new to learn! Topics range from industry changes to new techniques in mystery shopping, including video shopping and route shopping. There will be many tips and tricks you can learn to maximize your income in an efficient way, and you may be exposed to companies that you’ve not worked with in the past. It’s likely that you will meet company representatives from companies you already work with; this networking and “face to face” interaction is invaluable.

Shoppers from all over the country attend, and part of the experience is being able to network with those in your industry. I’ve been in the industry for over ten years and still learn something new from every conference we attend.

2. How can I offset the cost of a conference?

Shoppers are very creative! There are a few ways to offset the cost of the conference, including room sharing if you feel comfortable doing so, finding shops along your travel route, both to and from the conference, so that you’re making money along the way, and increasing your shop load in the months leading up to the conference to save money.

Of course, the conferences costs can be considered a tax write off since it is continuing education for your work. Please consult with your tax advisor though to ensure you are complying with the laws in your state.

3. Is it just shoppers who attend the conferences?

No! In addition to shoppers from across the country attending the conferences, representatives from mystery shopping providers attend, and often times present sessions. At some conferences, actual mystery shopping clients will attend the conferences to get to know shoppers better and discuss their programs in more detail so you can see how you’re making a difference to their company.

The conferences provide a good mix of shoppers, representatives, and other key speakers to provide a well rounded experience that is well worth the time and cost.

4. Where can I find out more about the IMSC and past conferences?

To learn more about the IMSC, you can visit their website or like them on Facebook. Their website and social media sites provide continual information and tips/tricks that will help you as a mystery shopper. Even if you cannot attend a conference, keeping tabs on the IMSC will be a great help to you!



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