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It DOES Happen – A Case Study on Making a Steady Income From Mystery Shopping March 27, 2013

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Many shoppers have asked us how they can make mystery shopping either a part time or full time opportunity for them. In part it depends on where you live and how far you’re willing to travel sometimes, and another part depends on how much you focus on this type of work as a part or full time position. I would venture to say that, in most cases, making it a full time job opportunity is a rarity. However, there are many people who can make turn mystery shopping into a part-time position.

I came across a great article detailing a mystery shopper’s experience with mystery shopping and how this shopper was able to make $14,000 in one year (not including reimbursements). You can read the entire article here – I highly recommend it, as it gives a fairly realistic view of what the work entails.

For those who are truly serious about mystery shopping and want to increase your workload, it is entirely possible, but you need to put in some legwork to get yourself up to a level of work you’re comfortable with. I also highly recommend working in the industry for a while before taking on too much. Get a good feel for the work involved and build yourself up slowly to be the most successful.

Here are some tips for making the most of your mystery shopping work:

1. Sign up with as many companies as possible: This is a much easier task today than it was five years ago. With sites such as Jobslinger and paid sites like Shadow Shopper, it’s much easier to find mystery shopping providers who do work in your area. Spend some time on these sites and register with companies posting shops nearby.

2. Learn to route your trips: it is true that shops are not high paying – as the article suggests, you can expect to make between $7-$20 on your typical shop. Making the most of your time will allow you to group shops by location and turn those piece meal shops into bundles of income. Do you see a shop posting for a location where you have other shops, but the date range doesn’t work with what you’ve already planned? Take a moment to email the scheduler – explain you’ll be in the area and ask if the date range can be adjusted. In some cases, it can, and a scheduler who knows your history and knows you have other shops in the area will be willing to work with you if it’s possible.  Read message boards, such as Volition, and keep up with the IMSC to learn how others make routes for themselves.

3. Take advantage of technology: streamline your efforts to find and be assigned shops. Follow mystery shopping providers on Facebook and Twitter, and make use of apps when you can. Sassie released an app not too long ago that allows you to be instantly notified of shops with all Sassie-based companies you’re registered with. This way you can be aware of upcoming shops while you’re on the go.

If you’re a shopper who makes this a full or part time job, please share any tips & expertise you have! We’d love to hear from you!



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