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Shop Notifier App July 25, 2013

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Earlier this year we talked about Sassie’s new app for shoppers who are signed up with MSP’s who use Sassie. Shop Notifier was released in an attempt to make applying for mystery shops easier and more streamlined, allowing you to be notified of shopping opportunities, even while you’re on the go.


Are you currently using this app? If so, has it replaced your need for email notifications from MSP’s using Sassie? What do you love (or hate) about it?


We’d love to know how many shoppers are currently using it, and get some feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts below!



You Can Sometimes Tell When a Company Starts a Program July 22, 2013

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Isn’t it funny, after being in the business for a while, that you can almost tell when a company starts a mystery shopping program?

This happened to me recently, and it made me giggle. There is a store I visit all too frequently, simply because it’s close to my home and it’s an easy in and out type of store. I’ve been shopping there for years without incident, until a few weeks ago.

All of a sudden, every employee and their mother was greeting me as I walked past, offering help in the aisles, and being overly friendly to a point of induced paranoia. When I went to make a purchase, the cashier enthusiastically described their loyalty card, suggested a sale item near the register, and was over the top friendly in her parting statement.

I felt like I entered another universe, until it hit me that they probably just stated a mystery shopping program and were on their toes.

On subsequent visits, even to different locations nearby, I had the same experience. It actually creeped me out a bit, because it was something I was not used to in this retailer.

It died down after a couple of weeks, so I’m thinking they’ve calmed down a bit and it’s business as usual.

Have you ever had this experience? From our perspective, it can be humorous to see this behavior change in employees, and we know that it is likely that they started a mystery shopping program recently.

At any rate, it’s good to see that our industry does make a difference in customer service levels!

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