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Quick Sassie Tip: Update Your Profile to Get More Phone Shops June 21, 2010

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Here’s a quick tip for those who use Sassie….you may want to check your profile to make sure it allows you the chance to be notified of all phone shops. When shoppers ask me about phone work, I always tell them to make sure that they update their profile with us at the bottom where it asks what area codes you can shop in.

You are allowed five area codes on your profile – if they’re not all filled, be sure to include either 800, 888, or 866 in your list. This way, when phone shops using a toll-free number are posted, you will notified of these as well.

Just a quick tip to increase your workload when possible!

Until next time..happy shopping!

Read This if You Are Using Shadow Shopper, Premier Shoppers, or a Similar Site to Find Mystery Shops April 23, 2010

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In addition to the old-fashioned method of finding mystery shopping companies to sign up with, there are many sites that automate the process for you. Outside of Jobslinger, Shadow Shopper and Premier Shoppers seem to be the most commonly used sites.

The one benefit to using such sites is that they compile mystery shopping opportunities from multiple companies, and many times you receive email notifications when new posts are submitted. However, we’ve seen many shoppers who come from these sites that miss out on potential mystery shopping opportunities.

Why? When you receive a posting through one of these sites, you can reply via email to express interest, which is fine. However, many people don’t realize that once you’re interested in a shop, you need to take it one step further and register (or sign up) with the company that has the shops. This is a step that is often missed, so interested candidates never get past expressing interest in the work.

I’ve seen an increase in this happening, and wanted to make sure that those of you using these sites to find work take the time to go through all of the steps outlined in the shop posting, including registering with the company. In the last month our staff have seen several people email in response to a job posting, and once we give further instruction on where to register and apply, they are never heard from again.

Some that are very new to mystery shopping believe that once they’re registered with Shadow Shopper, for example, they are also registered with the mystery shopping companies. Shadow Shopper is only the vehicle to find the shops; once found, you need to go to the individual companies to register.

Being new in the industry is difficult; our hope is that this information will help ease the frustration and get new shoppers up and running quickly.

Until next time, happy shopping!

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