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Social Media and Mystery Shoppers: Facebook July 17, 2009

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In our last post, we talked about how mystery shoppers can use Twitter as a means of finding new work and connecting with both mystery shopping companies and fellow shoppers. Today, I wanted to touch on another fast growing social media venue for mystery shopping: Facebook.

While MySpace is also used by mystery shopping companies, Facebook seems to be winning out, with more companies using it to recruit and engage with mystery shoppers.

If you have a Facebook page, you may want to find out more about what is available to you. Not only will this help you learn about new companies and opportunities, but it can be a great networking tool. Mystery shopping can be solitary work, with no one to share your experiences with outside of your closest family and friends (sometimes you don’t even share with them!). These social sites serve as a virtual watercooler for mystery shoppers where you can talk with each other, get tips, and help each other make the most of the industry. I’ve seen many friendships come from shoppers meeting up on forums and boards – an added benefit!

How do I get involved?
If you don’t have a Facebook page, sign up for oneand get registered. Once you’re set up in Facebook, you can look for mystery shoppers, companies, or groups related to the industry. Many companies have “fan pages” for increased interaction with shoppers.

Groups are also created on Facebook, which you can find through their search feature. These groups allow people with common interests to discuss topics and share ideas.

To get you started, I’ve compiled a short list of companies and groups that can be found on Facebook:


Mystery Shopping Company Fan Pages

Ann Michaels & Associates


About Face

Corporate Research International (CoRI)

Insual Research

Shoppers Confidential


Groups on Facebook

I am, or want to be, a mystery shopper

A Closer Look Inc

Premier Service Mystery Shopping Crew


These are just a few ways you can use social media to enhance your mystery shopping work. If there are others you know about, please feel free to share.

Until next time…happy shopping!


Social Media and Mystery Shoppers July 10, 2009

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Social media is taking off and changing the ways companies do business. For example, retailers and restaurants are using social media sites to engage with their customers. Customers are making use of online review sites, such as Yelp, Travelocity, and others to provide their feedback. We’ve also noticed a trend in how social media is used in mystery shopping.

There are many forums and message boards geared toward mystery shopping, but there has been an increase in use of other sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and My Space to promote new mystery shops and post jobs.

More and more mystery shopping providers are using these sites to recruit new shoppers, and it might be a good time to think about learning more about these features and how they work so you can learn of new companies to work with and find more shops to do.

Today’s post will focus on Twitter, and the next post will cover Facebook/MySpace and other similar sites.


This site allows brief, 140 character messages to be sent to your followers. Mystery shopping companies use Twitter to post their registration page for new shoppers, talk about current shops they need help with, and more. Mystery shoppers can find out more about mystery shopping companies and meet up with other mystery shoppers to share their experiences.

How do I get involved?

Sign up for a Twitter account if you haven’t done so already. Make sure you use your name and your real location (Anywhere, USA or “The Whole Wide World” won’t be helpful). Once registered, you can find mystery shopping companies or other mystery shoppers to follow. When you follow someone, you will see everything they are talking about and you can join in the conversation.

Use twitter search and the term mystery shopping, mystery shopping company, or mystery shopper and see what comes up. You can click on their name to learn more, and then choose to “follow” that person.

To give you a head start, here are some mystery shopping companies on Twitter. Click on the company names to reach their Twitter page, or login to Twitter and follow them using the names provided in parentheses:

Ann Michaels & Associates (MysteryShops)

Insula Research (InsulaResearch)

Corporate Research (Corpri)

CI Mystery Shopping (CustomerImpact)

Kern Scheduling (KSSInc)

Shoppers Critique (MysteryShoppers)

DSG Associates (dsgshopper)

MarketForce (marketforce)

Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) Note: Their updates are private, and you may need approval before you can follow them.

If you know of other companies, editors, or schedulers on Twitter, feel free to share!

Until next time…happy shopping!

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